Elementary school students in the United States are going home from school on Friday and coming back to school hungry on Monday. Five.12 provides weekend backpacks full of food for those students in need.
of elementary students in the United States go hungry when they aren’t at school.
of all donated money and time goes to providing food for students in need. Period. No overheads. No ulterior motives. No exceptions.
We purchase. We pack. We deliver. Teachers and Counselors distribute.
Students enjoy and return to school physically ready to learn.
Volunteers purchase the food
Volunteers pack the weekend backpacks
Volunteers deliver the food
Teachers and Counselors distribute the food to students in need
We have the best volunteers on the planet.
We will not stop until every hungry elementary school student has food on the weekend.
Weekend backpacks delivered this school year
Weekend backpacks delivered each week
Participating schools
The more we do, the more we enable them to do.
Time, money, or hands that want to help. Whatever you can give is enough to make a difference.
We are happy to come to your school. Let us know who you are and how we can help.
About Five.12
From Small Beginnings.

Five.12 Foundation is a not for profit foundation based in Alpine, Utah committed to the idea that anyone can take part in changing the lives of the people around them even if they only have little. For us it started with a young girl giving all that she had, $5.12, to help save the life of someone she barely knew. That experience has given us a greater perspective on our ability to make the world a better place. We consider “the worth of each soul” to be great and equal throughout the world and are constantly looking for new ways to use what we have to bless the lives of others.